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Economic Growth in Rural Nebraska – a comparison from 2006 – 2008

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This morning I pulled an email with the updated Nebraska Advantage Incentive numbers for economic development.  For those that don’t know much about Nebraska Advantage, you can find more out here.  The numbers were telling – across the board, application for incentives were down, total projects were down, total investment was down and total job creation was down across the board.  Regardless of the dip in the numbers, Nebraska still experienced *positive* job growth in 2008 – nearly 7,000 jobs created between Oct. 2007 and Oct. 2008.

The Nebraska Advantage Microenterprise numbers (1/1/06 to 12/31/08)  struck me as most interesting, however (hat tip to Patty Wood, NEDED):

2006 – 456 application; 2007 – 408 applications; 2008 – 620 applications; 2009 (to date) – 183 applications, with a total for 06-09 standing at 1,667 applications.

As I’ve stated before, the recession provides a case for further investment entrepreneurship.  I believe this phenomena can assist rural communities in competing globally along with maintaining a local tax base.  The microenterprise data suggests that case is a valid one.

In all of this doom and gloom, cautious optimism is in order.  We can get through this trying time but its going to take a future investment in a dream and continued support of local small businesses.


Written by Caleb

January 14, 2009 at 3:07 pm

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