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The Economic Recession and Boomerang Kids

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This is an interesting development – with the economy in the toilet, kids are moving home with their parents after college graduation.  The combination of crushing student loan debt and skimpy job prospects are forcing some to reevaluate their post-collegiate career plans.

Boston.com reports:

The days when college graduation automatically meant getting a job and an apartment are endangered. With the US economy in a nosedive, jobs scarce, and rents high, “boomerang kids” head for home, where the living is easy. There are no firm numbers yet on the impact of the current recession, but those who study the younger generation say that empty nests are starting to fill back in.

Interesting thought here, especially when you start to look at geographical trends and the potential for rural communities to capitalize on this opportunity.  Yankelovich, a demographic and marketing trends research org, stated back in 2005 that young adults from the midwest were 74% likely to live in the same region where they grew up.

Why is this important?  In rural communities, some still have acute workforce needs even in the face of the job loss reports we hear each month.  Many of those very rural kids who left because of a lack of career opportunities are facing the cold, hard reality that their new urban digs lack the same job prospects.  Getting this information in front of desperate college graduates may be one way rural communities entice a younger generation to come home.


Written by Caleb

January 14, 2009 at 2:11 am

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