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Wind jobs > Coal Jobs

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For the first time, jobs in wind energy production outgain jobs produced by coal.

Wind industry jobs jumped to 85,000 in 2008, a 70% increase from the previous year, according to a report released Tuesday from the American Wind Energy Association. In contrast, the coal industry employs about 81,000 workers.

More interesting: “Wind industry employment includes 13,000 manufacturing jobs concentrated in regions of the country hard hit by the deindustrialization of the past two decades.”

The Nebraska Unicam has several renewable energy bills on the docket this year – 21 total – an all time high.  Three bills to note –

LB 437 (Haar, 21; Dubas, 34; Nordquist, 7) – This creates a Wind Energy Development Zone Task Force to create a plan to generate 7800 megawatts of wind energy production.

LB 455 (Nordquist, 7; Dubas, 34; Haar, 21; Lathrop, 12; Mello, 5; Schilz, 47) – Incentives for the production of renewable energy.

LB 566 (Dubas, 34; Haar, 21; Mello, 5) – Two tiers will be added to the Nebraska Advantage Act to provide incentives for manufacturers who produce wind turbine components.

You can read up on those bills and more at the Nebraska Legislature bill tracker.  Read up, contact your state senator and ask them to support these important bills.

Kate Sullivan’s (our state senator) contact info can be found here.

It is possible to create new jobs in this economic environment, we just need to be smart about it.


Written by Caleb

January 30, 2009 at 2:24 pm

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