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Local Business Issues Challenge to Help Jaycees

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Below you’ll read an update from our local Jaycee President, Andrew Mihm. The Loup Valley Jaycees were organized to engage local young adults and and connect them with opportunities for local leadership, either political, civic and business.

I would personally like to thank Jane for her involvement both in hosting our meetings and also taking a step to help finance the future of Ord’s young leaders.  This is a great example of how communities can engage the business community to support the inter-generational transition of leadership within a specific community.  Thanks Jane!!!

Jane John donates $100 to new Loup Valley Jaycees

Jane John donates $100 to new Loup Valley Jaycees

ORD, Neb. – Jane John, owner of Calamity Jane’s Steakhouse in Ord presented the Loup Valley Jaycees with a check for $100 after their general membership meeting Thursday night.

John said she was very enthusiastic about the Jaycee’s return to the area and issued a friendly “challenge” to the local business community. Match her $100 donation. The donation came as quite a shock to Loup Valley Jaycee President Andrew Mihm. “Jane has been more than generous to us in allowing us to hold our GMM’s at the steakhouse, she has also agreed to collaborate with the Jaycees to host a street dance during extraordinary days,” said Mihm, “this was the last thing that I expected.”

The Loup Valley Jaycees have been looking for ways to raise money to purchase their liability insurance which is anticipated to cost $1200. They approved pickle card sales as a source of steady income.

“We have to have the liability insurance purchased before we can hold any events at all for the community so we approved the sale of pickle cards. But we also knew it was a steady stream of income and not a huge one time sale and still needed to come up with about $1,200 right away because we have to pay for the insurance in full up front,” Mihm said, “without insurance we can’t do anything. Then out of the blue Jane said, ‘here you go, and I challenge every business in Ord to match that’ and she gave us a check for $100.”

The Jaycees will use the donated money to purchase liability insurance and any remaining money will go into the Jaycees general fund.

“We have a very promising year a head of us, we have organized a strategic planning committee and by-law committee to map our future, we will hold a spring banquette with a raffle and dance in April to tell the community our plans and we will be sending out community surveys to get the community’s input as well,” said Mihm, “I know a lot of people are excited to have the Jaycees back and we’re excited to be back also but at the same time we have to prove ourselves and let people know that we will be here for the long haul.”

Two donations were actually given Thursday night at the Jaycee meeting.

Bob Stowell attended the meeting and talked to the Jaycees about their tax i.d., incorporation and also by-laws. “Bob said he is glad to have the Jaycees back and would take care of all of the legal paper work for us and donate his time,” said Mihm, “We can not express our thanks enough for what Bob and Jane have both done for us.”

Businesses can send their $100 match to Loup Valley Jaycee Membership Vice President Caleb Pollard during normal business hours at the Ord Chamber Office at 1514 K St in Ord.

The Loup Valley Jaycees meet the first Thursday of each month at Calamity Jane’s Steakhouse in Ord at 7 p.m.

The Loup Valley Jaycees is open to anyone 21-40 living in the Loup Valley, including the cities of Burwell, Loup City, Sargent, St. Paul and surrounding areas.

For more information or to join or start a chapter in your community contact Caleb Pollard, Loup Valley Jaycees Membership Vice President at the Ord Area Chamber of Commerce at 308-728-7875.

Written by Caleb

February 9, 2009 at 7:09 pm

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