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New 2007 Census of Agriculture

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Great link here to look into the details of the new 2007 Ag Census for Valley County.

Some interesting factoids in the fine print:

  • Total farms from 2002-2007 declined by 7%, but the amount of farm land grew 13%
  • Average farm size grew from 751 acres to 911
  • Market value of production grew 96% in FIVE YEARS

Many of us realize that the massive rise in production value also corresponded with an equally meteoric rise in input costs.  I do think, however, these new numbers are indicative of Valley County’s economic health moreso than the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Interesting figures to ponder indeed.


Written by Caleb

February 25, 2009 at 10:03 pm

2 Responses

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  1. […] Nebraska is clearly a refuge right now against the economic collapse on the coasts.  If you recall, we also saw record rises in total market valuation of commodities in the past 5 years.  Strong investment in the dollar plus a healthy farm economy […]

  2. […] we’ve commented on in the past, here, here and here and Nebraska and Valley County have been well positioned to weather the storm quite […]

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