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This and That – Major Projects Coming Up

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Finally a Friday that actually feels like one!  We have a lot cooking in the oven these days:

1.)  We’re in the process of setting up business retention and expansion surveys for the week of 4/13.  You’ll hear from us soon to get the ball rolling.

2.) We will be initiating a summer marketing campaign starting next month that will elicit a great deal of content from you, the Valley County resident.  Part of that campaign will kick off with a summer-long photo and video contest that will focus on specific assets in the community.  For example, I’m a huge fan of the starry night skies, the North and Middle Loup Rivers and the peace and quiet that can be found out here.  These assets as major drivers of our tremendous quality of life – something we all can agree on.

3.) Finally, we’re working on a report with my friends from NPPD and the Omaha Chamber of Commerce that looks at detailed info from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  It will give us a breakdown of job growth in the community over the past several years and how that industry sector growth has helped spur growth in other sectors as an ancillary event.  Sure its boring stuff, but great factoids that show us in detail how awesome our communities are 😉

Lots of other irons in the fire as well, but you can see some big ticket things coming down the pike soon.

Happy Friday!


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