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The Projected Federal Stimulus Impact by State

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A finance website, mint.com,  has an interesting read on the local impact the federal stimulus package will have on each state for unemployment and job creation.

What’s very important to note is that the states with the lowest unemployment rates (Great Plains States) look like they’ll benefit the most from the injection of funds.  You can see the map  below.  A million theories could be offered to explain this phenomena, but I’ll take a risk on one.  Overall, those Great Plains economies still look by all economic indicators as either stable or very slowly contracting, unlike much of the rest of the country.  Those states are also in better shape financially than the east or west coasts, so any input in relatively stable economies is going to leverage the greater gain simply because we don’t have to make up any of the losses.  Leveraged funds from the feds can be deployed to growth strategies than recovery since those states have little or no need to recover from the recession.  Interesting indeed!



Written by Caleb

April 8, 2009 at 9:23 pm

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