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Truckin the Economic Recovery

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We’ve mentioned in the near past, nationally we’ve seen a few indicators that show positive signs of an economic recovery.  As the U.S. economy goes, so does the world.  Several banks seem to show signs of life with gains in the first quarter, signs that this recession *may* have bottomed out.

CNN seems to pick up however that the Dow, along with finance, tends to lag in the prediction of economic health.  I offer credit to my mentor, Jack Ruff, for turning me onto this theory about 3 years ago:  trucking and transportation showcases national economic vitality better than many other economic sectors.  From CNN Money:

“The Dow Jones industrial average has surged about 25% in the past month. But its lesser-known transportation counterpart has done even better. The Dow Jones transportation average, which includes 20 of the nation’s largest railroad, airline, trucking and marine companies, is up nearly 40% since early March.”

40% growth in the past month might be a better sign of life for our economy.  As Jack said to me, “keep track of the trucks on the road – if it’s congested, the economy is doing well.”

Well said Jack.


Written by Caleb

April 13, 2009 at 3:33 pm

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