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The Neighborhood Development Act

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20070629_ord_072State Senator Heath Mello, a former Nebraska Community Improvement Program intern (along with yours truly), and also a personal friend, has been championing a new legislative bill, LB 633, called the Neighborhood Development Act.

The NDA would do several things for urban and rural communities seeking funding for safety and aesthetic improvement needs.  From Senator Mello:

The Neighborhood Development Act establishes a fund that aims to help neighborhood associations and smaller communities with community and economic development projects. Under LB 633, neighborhood associations and smaller communities would be eligible to apply for competitive grants to assist with significant community improvement projects that focus on enhancing the quality of life in the area as well as benefiting the local economy.

It often takes a great amount of teamwork to make things happen. Thus, I am grateful to my colleagues for advancing the bill and to Senator Tom White for prioritizing this legislation.

The Neighborhood Development Act focuses on helping those people in our communities who are making Nebraska a better to live, work, and raise a family by volunteering their time and talents.

Some times I’m a bit wary of the nature of our elected officials  – but knowing Heath and interning with him at NCIP, its obvious to me he understands that financing is a huge hurdle for rural communities to make aethethic improvements to their community.

Great work Heath.

Written by Caleb

May 4, 2009 at 4:00 pm

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