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Facebook is many things to many people – a way to reconnect with old classmates, a place to plan a party, a place to even grow a business.  Two very distinct examples were sent my way this weekend that piqued my interest on how entrepreneurs are using facebook to sell their product or services.

“The Freestyle 50 is an art gallery showing where 50 skateboards were distributed to local Nebraska artists (mainly in Lincoln and Omaha) and a few out-of-towners with local roots.”  Think of it as another place to market your wares to a receptive and interested audience that has money to spend on your product.  You can learn more about the event here.

What I found most interesting this weekend was a friend request by the proprietor of custom frisbee golf disc company.  I had never known Lars until this Sunday, but what I now know of him is he’s fully 7 years younger than me (22), has a product that I will buy and found me through a frisbee golf friend in Lincoln.  Peer to peer marketing meets a hungry demand for products and services?  I’d say that’s a model for his successful business approach.  You can see and purchase Lars’ products here.

This isn’t the Gospel about how to create or market a business, but an extension of what facebook can do for your business needs.  Lars and the Freestle 50 are using viral marketing as a way to expand their reach and sell a product or a service, and having success doing it.  Keep it up!


Written by Caleb

May 18, 2009 at 3:59 pm

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