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Quality of Time

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A few of you have asked what this quality of time business is all about that we’ve been blogging on for awhile now.  Community and economic developers often speak of “quality of life” or “sense of place”, but rarely does the aspect of time get mention.  I’d argue that time and our use of it plays a direct role in our overall enjoyment in found in the quality of life.

An example – most of you know my commute prior to moving to Ord was 104 minutes (round trip), when traffic was flowing.  My wife enjoyed a 60 minute commute (round trip) in Lincoln just to get to work, pick kids up from daycare/preschool, etc.  Our lives felt compressed because our commutes subtracted a sizable portion of quality time that could have been better spent with our boys.  Today?  I enjoyed a nice 10 minute walk to work, said good morning to 3 neighbors and kicked off a conference call 5 minutes into the walk.

What did that get me?  Sanity for one.  Our mornings have been reclaimed for two.  I made a full breakfast (eggs, toast, fruit) for the fam and we enjoyed a nice conversation before we even left the door.  I expect our evening to be about the same.  Since moving to a small town, the level of enjoyment we get just from the enhancement in the quality of our time has made it worth the while.

I had a reminder this past weekend of what we left when I was stuck in traffic in West Omaha.  20 minutes just to go 12 blocks.  I beat that this morning with my feet.  They can have it!


Written by Caleb

May 19, 2009 at 4:52 pm

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