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Social Media in the Workplace

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NPR has a great story on the changing trends in workplace activity – mainly the use of social media by younger generations.  The argument in the article centers around whether businesses and organizations should let younger workers use social media on company time – facebooking while working.  Of course the arguments tend to augment over generational divides, but as I read the story through facebook it occurred to me that as long as the work is accomplished, who cares? (Disclaimer – I’m right between Gen X and Y, so go figure)

Sure social media can be damaging to an organization if you’re careless, as the article states, but I think its missing the point.  Using a blog over the past 6 months, facebook and working on a total redesign of our website, we’ve experienced record traffic on all of our websites in the past 8 months.

Simply put, not only is social media fun, it works.  It allows us to weave a narrative on rural economic development that is hard to find anywhere else.  We’ve gained traction on a national scale doing so.  Don’t believe us?  Check here, here, here and here.

If social media is used to enhance what you’re already doing, then great.  If the effort gets in the way of what you’re doing, then it might be better to ignore it and move on.

We’re having this internal dialogue right now over Twitter:  is microblogging useful for our needs at the Chamber? Part of me says no – I prefer the narrative we’re allowed to create with our blog and share media rich material with the general public.  But as Kristina said, Twitter would have been great for ExtraORDinary Days.  That got us thinking – how could we enhance the No ORDinary Adventure Race with tweets?

Stay tuned!


Written by Caleb

June 24, 2009 at 2:56 pm

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