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We have met social media nirvana!

Over the past few months, our social media efforts have skyrocketed.  With our expansion through Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, the Ord Sunshine Pumpers blog, and our website, we have connected with a vast audience to display what Ord, Valley County, and the surrounding areas have to offer. 

Over the last two months, the number of fans of ESCAPE to Loup Valley on Facebook have more than doubled.  Our Flickr account, Ord Sunshine Pumpers, has also received an immense amount of traffic, particularly after posting photos from events and our summer media campaign.  After being on Twitter for only two weeks, OrdNE already has 25 followers.  Our Ord Sunshine Pumpers blog has also received major traffic with 13,000 unique visitor since January. 

Our website, www.ordnebraska.com, has seen an explosion in web traffic since March, with more hits, unique visitors, and session time than ever before. 

April: 65,745 hits, 4,531 visitor sessions, 6:37 in average time on site

May: 97,959 hits, 4,955 visitor sessions, 7:09 in average time on site

June: 78,014 hits, 5,163 visitor sessions, 8:25 in average time on site

Oxide Design is currently engaged in website redesign for www.ordnebraska.com to better highlight the area’s assets and amenities.  We hope to have the new and improved website up and running by the end of the summer!


Written by Kristina

July 8, 2009 at 12:00 pm

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  1. […] I can attest that we’ve seen social media help with our marketing efforts as well – an estimated 30% growth in our web traffic alone.  You can catch up with local businesses using social media as part of […]

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