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Tomorrow I’m leaving to join economic development professionals and Nebraska business leaders at Nebraska Diplomats’ Passport weekend.  Diplomats is a non-profit organization designed to promote Nebraska as a place to do business, work and play.  Passport weekend is an effort that wines and dines business prospects from around the nation (even from around the globe) to encourage their investment in Nebraska.

Most importantly, a handful of state dignitaries will be in attendance, giving me a unique opportunity to advocate for Ord and Valley County to both our elected representatives and potential business prospects.

While Passport weekend may not fit as a top priority in our economic development goals, it does give our communities an exclusive chance to network with industry professionals, at an affordable cost, that could end up in project activity down the road.  As I see it, every individual has the potential to assist our communities in ways unforeseen – Friday gives us a chance to see what bubbles up.

Unfortunately, I won’t be enjoying the Huskers with the Governor Saturday.  I have a date with my oldest son, his first Husker football game.  I think the Gov can wait 🙂


Written by Caleb

September 10, 2009 at 1:18 pm

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