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This past weekend my wife, our boys and I spent time in our former home, Lincoln.  Our fun included a Husker football game with my oldest son, a trip to the Lincoln Children’s Zoo (the new exhibits this year are fantastic), the Sunken Gardens and time well-spent with friends and family.

Often when I travel back to the eastern part of the state, I reflect on the things that have changed for my family and I as we made the transition to Ord.  I’m often surprised that as we settle into our new community, I find myself missing less of our old home each trip back.  The traffic, the time wasted commuting and the noise were the most noticeable.  What starts to grind is that as the weekend passes, the realization you know a small percentage of the people live with, you have no relationship and the circle you depend on is certainly much smaller.

I do miss the game day atmosphere of Husker football Saturday, the pick of world cuisine and a steady nightly.  I just find those shallow substitutions to what’s been afforded me as we’ve spent nearly our first year in Ord.

Time with family, relationships with all my neighbors, the pace…

Getting back was the best part.

Written by Caleb

September 15, 2009 at 1:13 pm

Posted in Rural Living

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