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County consolidation redux

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I mentioned about a week ago a new bill, LB826, that would introduce an effort to consolidate the rural counties in Nebraska.  As a reminder, the public hearing will be tomorrow, in Lincoln, and I’ll be on hand to testify against the proposed bill by Senator Pahls.

As part of my testimony, I’ve been able to work with a few statewide partners to understand the economic impact of the bill if it passes.  Recall that the Platte Institute recently released a study that looked at the government savings of consolidated counties.  What they neglected to even acknowledge was the economic fallout created by a redesignation of county seats, including our own.

My testimony will entail the research that county consolidation writ large does nothing, in the long run, to save money at all.  You can read the details on the *facts* here, here and here.

Furthermore (what irks me the most) is that the urban senator paints all of rural Nebraska with one broad brush when places like Ord and Valley County are fiscally viable AND economically thriving.  Our economic growth rate outpaced the statewide average by over ten percent in the past ten years alone.

Later today I’ll post my testimony for your viewing pleasure.  More to come!

UPDATE:  You can download my testimony here.  Enjoy!

Written by Caleb

January 22, 2010 at 12:00 pm

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