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LB 1109 and more Legislative Updates

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This week I’ve spent much of my time at the Nebraska State Capitol advocating for Legislation that, if passed, would carry strong benefit for our communities.

The most exciting effort I’ve been a part of was testifying in support for LB1109, the Nebraska Innovation and High Wage Employment Act, introduced by Senator Conrad.  LB 1109 proposes creating a task force to investigate entrepreneurship capacity in Nebraska, AND to also look at best practices in designing a more e-ship friendly state.  I was part of a group of great, insightful young people who helped advocate for the effort.  I want to take the chance to thank Senator Conrad, Dan Hoffman of Invest Nebraska, and Jeff and Dusty at Silicon Prairie News for the opportunity to testify and to network and share ideas on entrepreneurship.

What’s even more cool is the coverage SPN has over on their blog here.  Plus, yours truly will be featured in an interview soon, talking about entrepreneurship and its importance in Valley County.

A couple other updates to keep in mind:  first, I can’t confirm this, but I’ve been told the County Consolidation Act, LB 826, was killed in committee Thursday.  We’ll have more next week on that development.

Second, and most importantly, is the scuttlebutt about Fort Hartsuff.  It sounds like Nebraska Game and Parks is likely to dump the fort into local control.  Ever the optimist, I believe this may end up being a net gain IF the combined Loup Valley Communities rally and support the Fort.  You want a Fort Hartsuff to survive?  You better start paying attention (and being heard) because the operating expenses aren’t cheap.  I’ll be on the air today @ 1:30 for KNLV’s Party Line Part II to discuss.  The first step in creating a receivorship will depend on the willingness of Nebraska Game and Parks to sit down with local leadership, and the Friends of Fort Hartsuff, and putting it all on the table.  We’ll start to see how that unfolds over the next couple of weeks.

If you have interest in other bills that I’ve been a part of advocating for and educating on this week, check out the Nebraska Department of Economic Development’s Bill Tracker.  You can download it from their home page, on the lower right side here.

Later on today we’ll have an update on jobs in the Loup Valley, and also hope to release our monthly update.  Talk to you all soon!

UPDATELB525, which is a carryover bill from 2009, apparently has legs.  Recall, I testified on this bill last year (read more here) in an effort to show support on bill that would have tremendously good tidings for rural communities.  LB525 allows, by the will of the voters, communities to utilize 5/10ths, or one-half, of sales tax funds for economic development.  Let’s hope this thing passes.


Written by Caleb

February 5, 2010 at 6:37 pm

4 Responses

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  1. Caleb

    Great seeing you on Thursday and keep up the good work! Look forward to working alongside you through AIM Institute / SPN!

    Jeff Slobotski

    February 6, 2010 at 7:49 pm

  2. Likewise Jeff. I’m stoked for what the future brings! Keep up the great work in Omaha.


    February 8, 2010 at 2:42 pm

  3. […] effort, LB 1109,  that I’ve been involved with.  You can get a some background on the bill here.  You even get to see a video of yours truly.  And yes, I was freezing in the take – cold […]

  4. […] be so diluted it will render itself completely ineffective.  Don’t believe me?  Recall the County Consolidation Act proposed by Senator Pahls; the plan proposed a mandate to consolidate rural counties.  We helped […]

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