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A Conversation About the Economy – Strategic Planning

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Here is this week’s edition of our local conversation.  As always, feel free to comment!  You can read our other installments here.

Without vision, opportunity can be impossible for a community.  Vision helped to build the tangible, touchable economic development projects in our community.  Vision also helped to establish programs that have contributed to the overall economic stability in our region amidst national economic turmoil.

Strategic planning is an essential piece of the economic development puzzle.  It helps us understand where we’ve come and where we need to go.  It also gives the economic development professional, me, a road map in which to prioritize our action for 2010.  For instance, Valley County Economic Development used our 2009 Strategic Plan as our guide for recruiting an expanded community college presence in Ord.  In October of 2009, we announced that Central Community College would be doing just that:  growing their role in our area.

Another example of strategic planning is the community town hall set for Arcadia in March.  The Arcadia Village Board will be hosting a town hall meeting March 8th, 8:00 p.m. at the Community Center.  The Board will listen to community input about needs and opportunities facing the community.  If you are a resident of Arcadia, this is your opportunity to express your feelings about the nature of the community and help direct community action.  Being present isn’t enough; it takes your vocal input to make this work.

Strategic planning is the process in which vision is formalized into action.  For communities like Ord and Arcadia to be successful, strategic vision and planning must be prioritized to produce actionable results.

As we finalize the Valley County Economic Development Board’s strategic plan for 2010, I’d like to invite you to voice your ideas about what we need to address in the next year.  Our strategic plan is our tool to measure economic development’s impact and value as an organization.

We need your input as community stakeholders.  Take some time to write a Vox Pop or come directly to our blog to share what you think is important for 2010:  www.ordsunshinepumpers.wordpress.com

Until next time, be well!


Written by Caleb

February 18, 2010 at 4:46 pm

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