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VCHS announces new hospital opening date

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The Valley County Health System Board of Trustees announced last week that the *official* opening date for our new hopsital is Monday October 4th.  According to Bethanne Kunz, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, an open house event will be held prior – sometime in mid to late September for the public to tour the new hospital.

You can read updates on the construction of the new facility here, and to the right is the new building schematic.  Last year, I blogged about the importance of quality healthcare in rural communities, especially as it relates to rural population growth.  Look at what I had to say then:

While working at the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, the agency and I organized a research tool to understand the motivating factors new Nebraska residents indicated as reasons to come to the state.

What we found more interesting in the information was that while these reasons brought them back, two major factors that played a role in their overall happiness with actually being in rural Nebraska.  The first factor, the feeling of safety and security, was an overwhelming driver of happiness with their community.  Nebraska can point to a high level of each in nearly all of our communities.  The second factor in rural Nebraska was access to quality healthcare. People that had moved back to the state were telling us that if they weren’t safe and didn’t have good healthcare, they were overwhelmingly unhappy.

I’m certainly excited for the new facility opening, not only because increase in services and amenities it will feature, but also for the increased economic output I expect it will generate for our community.  Kudos to the foresight of the Board, the VCHS staff and the community who helped to pass the bond issue build the facility.


Written by Caleb

February 23, 2010 at 3:09 pm

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