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Today was a good day

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It’s not often I’d quote the seminal Ice Cube, but today I shall:  today indeed was a good day for the denizens of Sunshine Pumping.

First, the Rural Learning Center out of Howard, SD recognizes our efforts on pumping sunshine here at ReImagine Rural here.  This is non-Nebraskan recognition, more love for the amazing 10 year run we’ve had in Valley County.  Mike and I engage in a little dialogue about the contributions blogging brings rural development, and we’ve been chatting at length about future collaborative enterprises as well.  If you get a chance, check out their Miner County Cash Flow Resource Guide…it’s something I’m getting my head around for use here locally.

Elsewhere, our friends over at Silicon Prairie News features our article about Entrepreneurship Week here (it’s another nod from our OWH article).  Expect my contributions to grow there as we continue to talk about the importance entrepreneurship is to economic development strategy in Nebraska.

I found out today that the newly redesigned NebraskaEntrepreneur.com will be running a story/interview about our efforts around entrepreneurship this coming Friday.

And…the December report on sales tax is in…and its a good one.  Our locals bought local for Christmas in a BIG way.  We’ll have the breakdown coming soon.

More to come, but today was a good day.

Update: The Madville Times (Madison, SD) is off and running with ReImagine Rural’s story about our local efforts.  Check it out.


Written by Caleb

February 24, 2010 at 3:36 am

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  1. Thanks again for sharing information about your blogging efforts. Granted, writing blog posts and responding to interview requests takes a lot of time. But that time pays off in developing a stronger brand for your rural community. Personally, I think it’s much more effective than buying time or space in traditional media.

    At the RLC we’re big fans of the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship, and I look forward to reading more about Ord’s entrepreneurship support efforts via NebraskaEntrepreneur.com. Keep it up.


    February 24, 2010 at 3:54 pm

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