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Taxation without representation

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Nebraska State Senator Annette Dubas has a great editorial in the GI Independent talking of the impending legislative redistricting due to depopulation in rural Nebraska.  When the 2010 Census final tallies are calculated, the picture ain’t going to be pretty.  I’ve been saying for awhile we’re in very real trouble when it comes to proper legislative representation.  You can expect the loss of state senate seats to metro Nebraska AND the potential loss of our Congressional 3rd District.  Senator Dubas has the details:

As our population base continues to migrate to the east it puts the more rural areas of our state at a slight disadvantage in our one house form of government. Our communities and counties are continually looking for ways to grow their economies and make their locale an attractive and inviting place for people to put down roots.

I would say that putting rural Nebraska at a slight disadvantage is understated – we’re already at a major disadvantage as policy agendas move evermore eastward.  Rural communities will continue to be marginalized not just in Lincoln and Omaha, but in national markets as well.  Put simply: at some point in time, our representation will be so diluted it will render itself completely ineffective.  Don’t believe me?  Recall the County Consolidation Act proposed by Senator Pahls; the plan proposed a mandate to consolidate rural counties.  We helped t0 oppose the bill and it was defeated earlier this month in committee.

So what’s the moral?  FILL OUT YOUR CENSUS FORM! We need all the representation we can get, and procrastination is surely one good way to marginalize both your vote and your tax dollars.


Written by Caleb

March 19, 2010 at 1:22 pm

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