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A Conversation About the Economy – Comprehensive Business Marketing

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In this week’s installment of A Conversation About the Economy I cover the importance of comprehensive business marketing.  Don’t forget, you still have time to register for our April 7th workshop.

As human interaction becomes more integrated on the internet, businesses today see a greater need to promote their products and services online.  According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project (a major research effort to understand online behavior), Americans of every age group are using the internet more than ever.  The project identifies some clear trends:  74% of all American adults are online, with a whopping 93% of adults 18-29 online.  Even more striking, nearly 40% of adults 65 and over are using the internet regularly, up from 12.5% just nine years ago.

What does this mean?  It means businesses and communities absolutely need to promote their products, services and messages to an online audience.  This communication strategy doesn’t replace traditional marketing and promotional efforts.  In fact, it means online efforts can enhance traditional media like radio and newspapers with increased connectivity both in print and on the airwaves.  Our local media outlets serve as great examples:  recently the Ord Quiz has launched a new website, as has KNLV radio, with the radio station also being on Twitter for more than a year.

These trends are no different for our local business community.  If you travel to Facebook, you’ll see a major increase in our area businesses promoting their products and services.  These messages can reinforce brand loyalty with existing customers and win new ones, especially in harder-to-reach markets like metro and non-Nebraska communities.

Online efforts can enhance print and radio advertising in a way that creates return customers and increases business profitability.  The money you spend on the airwaves and in print can be stretched farther when the conversation is taken online.  The question I often get from local business owners is:  How?

There is no right way to market your business online and conventional wisdom doesn’t apply to new methods on the internet.  Online trends change much more rapidly than on the radio and in print.  If you have an interest in enhancing your online efforts, join us at the Ord Area Chamber for an online marketing seminar April 7th to learn what mistakes you and your business can’t afford to make.

Until next time, be well and enjoy this amazing spring weather.


Written by Caleb

March 25, 2010 at 9:55 pm

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