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National effort recognizes local business

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Brad and Gina Babb with Gene Rahn of REAP

Waaay back in October, we mentioned that Brad and Gina Babb of Sandhills Glass and Garage Doors were recognized by the Association for Enterprise Opportunity as an exemplary model for their use of microfinance to grow their business.

AEO recently released the the first of five videos that showcases national microenterprise success stories; Brad and Gina are one of the four businesses included in the video series.  Check it out here.  (Scroll down the main page and click away on the video.)

This is yet another case of fantastic recognition for all the amazing things going on in Ord and the surrounding areas.  Brad and Gina have been great supporters of economic development and recipients of assistance from our local economic development loan fund.  Put simply, microenterprise works in rural America.  It’s nice to see a national organization that agrees with us.

A needed hat tip goes out to Jeff Reynolds at REAP, and Gene Rahn for working with Brad, Gina and myself in developing a plan to make Sandhills Glass and Garage Doors a rural success story.

Congrats Brad and Gina!


Written by Caleb

April 8, 2010 at 4:38 pm

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